Our Story

Since 1996

Started from renowned international brands, we put our blood and sweat into the foundations of “Brilliance”. We have deeply studied consumer needs, usage, and desired results.  

It’s our motto to turn houses into homes with generously innovative kitchen & household appliances. The legacy of Brilliance will be spread over the decades as we have developed this brand after years of hard work, study, and experiments. 

Started with the best baking ovens, today Brilliance is equipped with premium and world-class products like Vacuum Cleaners, Dough Makers, Roti Makers, Domestic & Commercial Blenders, Food Factory & much more. Our Range is increasing day by day to meet the end-user needs under one roof with elegant design & premium quality products.

Brilliance gained immediate response as the best brand in Pakistan with a presence in major cities of the country and hence developing a strong country-wide dealer network with the best after-sales services.

At Present

Brilliance got an immaculate response from the market with its best quality kitchen & home appliances due to its precise results & quality manufacturing. This boosts our morale and in turn, we are striving more to fulfill the needs of every single user under one roof.


Our Vision

To lead in providing excellent result-oriented, money-worthy, and best user experience appliances through uninterrupted improvements.

Our Mission

To provide premium quality & top-notch products & services to our customers that satisfy them to an optimum level. Promotion of corporate values, ethics, professional working environment, contribution to society, and social responsibilities are our main focus.

For the past 25 years, I have put my heart and soul to provide our customers with world-class products. Presenting the most elegant designs and premium quality home and kitchen appliances; I introduce you to Brilliance. The product range of Brilliance purely belongs to the dignified green flag. Serving the Pakistani nation with brilliance’s outstanding product range is an honor for me and my team. We believe that it is our utmost responsibility to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience with our superb range of brilliance.
Nadeem Mumtaz